Visa Avail is one of the highly reputable and professional Immigration service for Indian students who are in need of advice and counseling for Higher Education & Scholarships Study abroad. It was established with a view of delivering highly informative services for those students who wants to explore the wealth of knowledge. The company’s consultants have outstanding experience in counseling students for their better Higher Education, Scholarships & Bright Future Abroad

Visa Avail will not only make the students to identify and distinguish their needs but also ensure to expand the vision of our students for better education. Moreover, the company can offer its expertise and guidance to deviate students towards their CHOICE destination. Visa Avail works very actively with a number of secondary schools, Colleges and reputable universities in the countries mentioned above. The close working relation with educational institutes abroad, allows the students to fit into a wide spectrum of choices. Proper advice of the company also allows the students to maximize their academic abilities within their financial capabilities. In addition, academically sound and capable students can also get International Scholarships and Bursaries offered by our representing Institutions.


Our vision is to be seen by students, clients and local institutions, as the leading global and premium services provider for international student enrolments.


Visaavail’s mission is to provide the highest level of quality in the advice and counselling we offer, with our priority always being the outcome for the student.


We earn absolute trust of all our students, colleagues, clients and business partners by upholding the highest levels of personal integrity and providing a working environment built on respect, openness and transparency of communication.